Good lesbian bars sometimes are hard to find, but here are 10 around Berlin worth visiting. Enjoy it!

As lesbian bars reach the brink of extinction across the globe–blame high rents, dating apps and a combined slew of additional cultural, economic, and political factors–major cities often associated with LGBTQ culture and history, like San Francisco and Los Angeles, are completely devoid of lesbian bars, leaving both locals and travelers without a distinct community space.

The list of spaces dedicated to lesbian, bisexual, and queer women continues to shrink. Though several LGBTQ bars host lesbian nights and women’s parties, the pop-ups will never quite compare to physical spaces completely dedicated to LGBTQ women.

And while lesbian bars are few and far between, we've scoped out 10 of them still-thriving in Berlin, based on the answers given inside our IWB community.

Here's some of the answer from the IWBies:

10. Tipsy Bear, Prenzlauer Berg

Photo: Tipsy Bear Instagram

9. Silver Future, Neukölln

Photo: Silver Future Instagram

8. Möbel Olfe, Kreuzberg

Photo: Silver Future Instagram

7. Schwuz, Neukölln

Photo: Silver Future Instagram

6. Monster Ronson, Neukölln

Photo: Silver Future Instagram

5. OYA, Kreuzberg

Photo: OYA Instagram

3. QueerBerg

Photo: OYA Instagram

Disclaimer: We take consent seriously! Even though we censored the member's identity, we still asked them if it was ok to display their comments here. If you spot one of your comments and you don't want it to be published here, contact us and we will take it down.

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