Berlin doesn't need to feel this lonely.

We are International Women in Berlin, the biggest network for (mostly) immigrant women* in Berlin

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What our members talk about IWB

"International Women in Berlin is definitely saving lives! I wouldn't have any friends if it wasn't for IWB, because there's where I met amazing people in Berlin."
Talita 🇧🇷
"Being a member of IWB has defitnely widen my horizons in the terms I met so many people from so many different countries. It's a very international community!"
Hanna 🇩🇪
"Going to IWB events was a life changing experience for me. I didn't really have any real friends before that. And through IWB, I even found a job - and a promotion!"
Yaana 🇧🇩
"Having IWB as a resource for finding jobs, housing, finding mentors, financial and life advice, has been just absolutely incredible and I'm very thankful for being part of this!"
Whitney 🇺🇸
"I joined IWB few months before moving to Berlin, because I needed help figuring out a lot of things about this new city. It definitely made my experience much easier!"
Merriem 🇲🇦
"I was able to find my first internship in Germany through IWB. And it was also through a friend I made inside the community. IWB has also helped me to raise money to my NGO!"
Aziza 🇹🇿

Our History

From humble beginnings to a thriving community, see how IWB have grown through the years.

The Birth of IWB in 2017

Bruna Silva, a Brazilian designer who had moved to Berlin a few years earlier, began to notice how several women around her, including herself, shared similar complaints: they all believed their immigration journey would have been easier if they had more available and trustworthy information. Moreover, they often felt very lonely in the city and lacked spaces to discuss a range of topics, from bureaucracy and integration, to what to do in their free time in Berlin and how to find a job in Germany.

That's why she decided to create a Facebook group and invited 50 people she knew. The growth was entirely organic, word of mouth, which made it clear just how much women were in need of such a safe space. Today, we count more than 35,000 members from over 100 different nationalities.

Growing the Impact

As more members joined our community, the responsibilities grew. Bruna identified various gaps and concerns that the IWB project could address. Over time, we evolved beyond a mere online platform, launching several initiatives like: monthly meet-ups where IWBies can mingle and connect, sharing circles to discuss challenges and celebrate victories, and workshops and career panels for professional development.

We also crafted guides and resource lists, and began translating significant news from Germany, ensuring that our members, many of whom are new to the city and still adjusting to the language, stay informed and integrated into German society.

Milestones and Achievements

Clearly, managing and supporting for a 35k-woman community isn't a one-person task. IWB thrives thanks to the tireless efforts of many volunteers, tackling roles from group moderation to event organization, from forging brand partnerships to recruiting more hands to further our mission. To dive deeper into what we do at IWB, chek out this link.

The positive ripple IWB creates in the lives of women in Berlin is palpable. We've supported many in planting roots here, building meaningful connections, and securing jobs—thus, fostering a smoother integration into German society. Such achievements led IWB to earn the Best Community in Germany award from Smart Hero and an inclusion in Meta's Acceleration Program.

The Future and Beyond

For our future, we envision having a full-time team of fairly paid women to execute our multitude of ideas, continuing to positively impact women in Berlin.

We are becoming a media hub for women and immigrants in Berlin, covering everything you need to know about this city. We are turning the best threads from our community into articles that will be published on our new newspaper-style website - coming soon!

We will also expand to other cities around Germany and Europe! Would you like to help us achieve this goal? Support our cause and efforts on our Patreon!

You can also become one of our volunteers and be part of our team! Sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned to the brilliant future that is ahead for IWB!

Over 110 Nationalities

That's the number we proudly hostwithin the IWB community. In a world filled with endless cultures, traditions, and stories, we are thrilled to host such incredible diversity.

Each member, regardless of her origin, brings a unique perspective, shaping our community into a dynamic, vibrant, and enriching space.

25 - 35 Years Old

70% of our IWB members fall within this age bracket. They are students, full time employees, business owners, moms...

+10k Daily Visitors

Each day, our network gets over +10k unique visitors, sometimes culminating even at 15k. That showcases our presence and engagement. Source: Facebook

+11k on Instagram

In just a year since we started our Instagram account, it has gained over 11,000 followers, underscoring our resonating message and community engagement.

85% Positively Impacted

One of our internal researches has revealed that a staggering 85% of our members have felt a positive impact from being a part of the IWB community. This is a testament to our commitment and the power of IWB.

Engage with an active network of +35k members

We're actively seeking partnerships, sponsors, and opportunities for paid ads to enhance the IWB experience. Join our mission to uplift and empower women in Berlin, partnering with a platform built on dedication, community support, and a shared vision for growth.

Helpful IWB Resources

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Read More IWB Helpful Resources and News

Check out our Substack for the latest buzz and must-know news in Berlin, brought to you by the IWB team and community.

Check out IWB News

Read More IWB Helpful Resources and News

Check out our Substack for the latest buzz and must-know news in Berlin, brought to you by the IWB team and community.
Check out the IWB News Portal

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