Alejandra at Honiggelb

To start this project, we are talking to Alejandra Aguacia, 28, Colombian from Bogotá and in Berlin since... Read more

Abortion in Berlin

Dealing with an unwanted pregnancy can be a stressful experience at the best of times, but this is made... Read more

Our Gratitude Tracker

The last years wasn't a good one for anybody and the pandemic is still going on. But for 2021, let's try at... Read more
mental health

Coping with Corona
& Winter in Berlin

This winter, we find ourselves back in a similar lockdown situation... Read more

Dee at Muse Berlin

For this second interview, we are talking to Dee, and amazing member of the group who during her last... Read more

STI Test Centers in Berlin

Statistics show that STIs are on the rise in Germany, showing higher numbers than they have in a very... Read more

Berlin 101: Housing

Hi everybody! This Berlin 101 series is designed to be your ultimate guide to moving to and living in... Read more
dear ioana

Dear Ioana #1

Dear Ioana features sampled advice requests from the International Women in Berlin community on the... Read more

Maryna at Kuriosis

One of the topics that excites me most is talking about immigrant women who started a business in Berlin... Read more

Audrey at La Case Paulette

Winter in Berlin sucks. Everything is grey, people are grumpy. So just... Read more

Biking in Berlin

Cycling in Berlin has long been one of the most popular modes of transport around the city, with appro... Read more

IWB Gynecologist List

We are putting up together a list of well recommended doctors. If you would like to help, send us the name o... Read more

Worker’s Day and
Women’s Labor

Labor Day is a celebration of all worker's rights, but it's also a remin... Read more

Berlin Sexual Assault Resources

Since the start of the #MeToo movement in 2017, increasing light has... Read more

Our Favorite Instagram Meme Account

We are over the moon that we could talk to the genius brain behind t... Read more

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