Before starting this post, we just wanted to make clear that no one here has anything against Germans. We’re here just to joke around, and nothing else. 

It’s hard to be part of a different culture, and in this article we’re gonna mention Germans a lot, after all we live in their land, but if we were in another country, they would get in on it as well. 

And yeah, I know that not every German is gonna throw a tantrum when things “go wrong”, but according to the comments of our  community some of these occasions can be pretty funny (or not). 

Check out some of the best comments below: 

1. Burgermeister, Kreuzberg

Disclaimer: We take consent seriously! Even though we censored the member's identity, we still asked them if it was ok to display their comments here. If you spot one of your comments and you don't want it to be published here, contact us and we will take it down.

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