We, at the International Women in Berlin community, receive constantly questions about good gynecologists in Berlin.

That happen because it seems most people have had bad experiences with some professionals here in Berlin.

This list is basically a compilation of the most recommended gynaecologists inside the IWB group.

Feel free to share with your friends!

This list will keep getting better.

Please, if you have a suggestion of a good gynaecologist or if you have any problem with any doctor on our list, use this post to let us know about that: PS. We are working on other lists featuring hausartz, psychologists, dentists, etc... stay tuned!

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To schedule an appointment with any of those doctors...

Use their own websites or try finding them in platforms such as Doctolib or Jameda. All doctors in this list speak English and most of their staff as well. It was also said they are nice people and take their time to listen to you.

PS. No doctor is paying us to be in this list and we wouldn't accept that.
This list is purely based on recommendation. But if you are a doctor and you don't want to be in this list, please send us an email.
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