Recently a member of our IWB community on Facebook connected to a man through a website. The man is a dom and they met basically to have sex and fun. Nothing more. Sounds like a dream, right? But it was not quite like that...(GIF Wait for it)
The first date was fine, with had fun. But
on the second sexual date, the spanking was rougher. She asked him to stop and, at the height of his fragile masculinity,

He said, that since he’s a dom, it’s a bit of turn off if she tells him what to do. Ok, that was the first red flag. The second one was the fact he tried to convince her to let him spanking her (although she wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore) because he claimed that area in her body would get numb and she would stop feeling pain!
She came a bit confused to the IWB community, asking how she could have dealt better with this situation. Because in overall, she was having fun with the guy - but she also noticed that his attitude was a bit off putting, to say the least…

We know Berlin has a big BDSM scene and IWB I all about people having a consensual fun. That’s why we are living here some good tips that were posted in the group, regarding this issue. Keep these in mind, in case you or your friends go through smth similar :)

Here what some IWBies said:

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