According to the dictionary, self esteem is:
"A trait in those who value themselves, who are satisfied with who they are, the way they think or with their physical appearance, while showing confidence in their actions and opinions." 

Basically, it’s being comfortable in your own skin and caring for yourself so you can be in this mood. 

This is an ideal we all want to achieve, but we also know that this is long and slow road..

One of our IWBies asked in our community:

What can we do to boost our self steem?

And here are the best replies:

And what do you think about that?

How is your relationship with your self-esteem?

We would love to know your opinion!

Disclaimer: We take consent seriously! Even though we censored the member's identity, we still asked them if it was ok to display their comments here. If you spot one of your comments and you don't want it to be published here, contact us and we will take it down.

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