Group Rules

There are tons of different women, with different backgrounds in the group.
To make the experience in the group more pleasant and fair to everybody, please check the rules and follow them while interacting in the group. Let's keep our space as safe and empathetic as we can :)

1. MAIN RULE: Be kind and empathetic
You can talk about anything here, it's normal to have different opinions, but don't be mean/judgmental/passive-aggressive when exposing your point of view.

2. Search first, post later:
Use the search functionality before posting, maybe somebody asked about that issue before. Let's try to keep the feed clean.

3. If you want to promote your service or an AD...
Do it in our sister group Offer & Hire Services (Expat Ladies in Berlin)
4. How to send ANONYMOUS posts
Send it as a pm to the admin- Write your whole post in only one msg- The admin will post it in the group and send you the link of the post, so you can track the answers

5. Follow a post by turning on the notifications
DON'T comment "F" or "following". Click on the 3 dots on the top right and activate the notifications for the post you wanna follow.

6. If you wanna sell, donate buy stuf...
Do it in our sister group Sell & Give Clothes & Others (Expat Ladies in Berlin)
7. If you're trying to find or offer a place...
Do it in our sister group Room & Flat Rental (Expat Ladies in Berlin)
8. If you are trying to get help ASAP or offer help...
Do it in our sister group Emergency Resources (Expat Ladies in Berlin)
9. Everybody is a moderator!
If you see a post or comment against the rules, please report it! Everybody has the responsibility to keep this place as nice as possible.

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